Tech Safety: Staying Conn…

Tech Safety: Staying Connected Safely While Sheltering In Place

ADZ Law, LLP strongly encourages all our clients to “Shelter in Place” as we have. Our attorneys, working from home, remain busy as ever, especially because we respond to a range of issues that can in fact make home a place that also threatens he… Read More
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Litigating Child Custody…

Litigating Child Custody Cases in Divorces with Domestic Violence

When a spouse or domestic partner is violent, one of your first thoughts may be for the safety of your children. Knowing how to safely separate yourself and your kids from an abusive spouse without putting them at risk can be hard, and it can sometim… Read More
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Bay Area Courts Remain Op…

Bay Area Courts Remain Open For Domestic Violence Restraining Orders During The Shelter In Place Order

COVID-19 concerns have caused all courts to obtain emergency orders severely limiting their operations. However, if you are a victim of domestic violence, you can obtain an immediate restraining order. All courts remain open to issue emergency domest… Read More
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Harvey Weinstein Settles…

Harvey Weinstein Settles Sex Abuse Survivors’ Claims

The fallen media mogul, Harvey Weinstein, and his bankrupt film company have nearly settled dozens of lawsuits of sex abuse survivors for $25 million. Find out what this will mean for the the survivors and how the settlement will or won’t affect We… Read More
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Can Your Facebook Post be…

Can Your Facebook Post be Used Against you in Court?

Social media is a part of everyday life for many California residents. They keep connected with family on Facebook, build business contacts through LinkedIn, and even generate income through blogs. However, within the context of a court case, anythin… Read More
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When Mediation Works, and…

When Mediation Works, and When to Avoid It

Mediation can be a tool to resolving your civil or family law dispute quickly and inexpensively. You might decide to work with a mediator to resolve your dispute without court involvement, or a judge might have ordered you to attend after the case is… Read More
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transgender symbol - ADZ Law, LLP

Transgender in California? State Makes it Easier to Change Your Name and Gender Marker

Having your legal name and gender marker match your gender identity on your birth certificate and driver’s license is a crucial part of transitioning. The good news is that California law makes it easy to correct these documents. Find out what to d… Read More
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What You Need To Know About Strangulation

What leaves no visible injuries 50% of the time, but can cause permanent brain injury in seconds and death in minutes (sometimes one minute)? Strangulation (“choking.”) This Domestic Violence Awareness Month, ADZ Law attorneys Jessica Dayton and… Read More
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stop violence - ADZ Law, LLP

Domestic Violence Victims Can Find Justice in Civil Court

There are many reasons why domestic violence victims may not feel that the criminal courts give them the justice they need to move on from what has happened to them. When criminal convictions are elusive or the injuries suffered are not financial, po… Read More
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Challenging Restraining Order Decisions Based on Bias: ADZ LAW, LLP Signs Another Essential Amicus Brief Filed by FVAP

At ADZ, we note every day how cases involving domestic violence not only raise complex legal issues but are also emotionally complex. Moreover, the legal system does not always proceed at the speed of a victim’s healing, and at times can even imped… Read More
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