Alexandria Ocasio Cortez speaking up for women's equality

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Calls Out Verbal Abuse Before Congress

Americans have differing opinions on politicians, but we generally expect Congressmen and women to behave civilly while serving their term. Perhaps that is why the sexist, vulgar statements Representative Ted Yoho made toward Representative Alexandri… Read More
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Tülin D. Açıkalın, a founding partner of ADZ Law, LLP will be featured in the faculty of upcoming education programs. Tülin has been an active faculty of La Casa de las Madres since 2015 providing quarterly 40-hour domestic violence training, Do… Read More
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Gavel with Minor spelled out in play letters, with paper child figure

Minor’s Counsel: When Does Your Child Need Their Own Lawyer?

As a parent, you may believe that everything you do is for your child’s best interest. However, sometimes, the emotions of a high-conflict divorce or custody case can cloud your judgment. Other times, parents or state employees may have different v… Read More
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LGBT flag - ADZ Law, LLP

2020 Pride- One Step Back One Step Forward

In a month to celebrate LGBTQ pride, we must recognize the victories but know there is still much to be done for human rights. On June 12, 2020 President Trump rolled back an integral protection of the Affordable Care Act that prevented discriminatio… Read More
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Beyond the Restraining Or…

Beyond the Restraining Order: Civil Options for Victims of Domestic Violence presented by Jessica Dayton

On June 9th, Jessica Dayton presented a webinar, “Beyond the Restraining Order: Civil Options for Victims of Domestic Violence” sponsored by the NCVBA (National Crime Victim Bar Association). Civil domestic violence remedies too often get… Read More
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Can You Sue Someone for E…

Can You Sue Someone for Emotional Abuse in California?

If you have been trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship, you know that words can cause real harm. Is that harm something you can recover for in court, or will you bear the losses caused by your abuser? Can you sue someone for emotional abuse… Read More
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What COVID-19 Has Meant f…

What COVID-19 Has Meant for Domestic Violence in California

California residents have been ordered to stay at home for nearly two months. While many residents find the COVID-19 response inconvenient or financially difficult, for the victims of domestic violence, the shut down may be as deadly as the disease i… Read More
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Community Law Night: Protections for Domestic Violence during COVID-19

Join us for Community Law Night: Protections for Domestic Violence Victims During COVID-19 on April 28th, May 12th and July 21st at 6pm. Sign up today to speak with an experienced Domestic Violence attorney for FREE 20 minute legal information and/or… Read More
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Zoom-Bombing and Online S…

Zoom-Bombing and Online Sexual Misconduct: What are Your Options?

Universities, schools, businesses, and nearly everything else have taken to online video conferencing in the wake of COVID-19 Stay-at-Home orders. However, quick changes and unexpected growth on the popular video conferencing app Zoom have opened up… Read More
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New Addition To Shelter In Place Order To Protect Domestic Violence Victims

As of March 31, 6 Bay Area counties have extended the previous shelter-in-place orders to remain in effect through May 3, 2020. Two important items were added which pertain to victims of domestic violence: (1) “Travel to avoid domestic violence or… Read More
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