Trevor Bauer Case Spotlig…

Trevor Bauer Case Spotlights Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault of Victims of the Wealthy

This summer a California court temporarily entered a restraining order against Major League Baseball’s Trevor Bauer, a pitcher for the Dodgers. The allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault against a sports celebrity, and the way the loca… Read More
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ADZ Law Case Makes Legal…

ADZ Law Case Makes Legal Precedent: A Visitor Who Perpetrates Domestic Violence In California May Be Civilly Tried In California

In a victory for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault who were harmed while visiting California, an ADZ Law client won her appeal in a case certified for publication. The case, Doe v. Damron (2021) ­­­__Cal.Rptr.3d__, 2021 WL 4891856,… Read More
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"The Intersection of Family Law and Torts in Domestic Abuse Cases" by Jessica Dayton

The Journal of the California Association of Certified Family Law Specialists featured an article written by ADZ partner, Jessica Dayton, on the front page of their current publication. In the article, “The Intersection of Family Law and Torts… Read More
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impact of childhood sexual abuse

The Impact of Sexual Abuse on Parenting

Survivors of sexual abuse and assault experience life-long consequences due to the trauma they endured. Many want to go on to build families of their own. However, the impact of childhood sexual abuse on parenting and the children of sexual abuse sur… Read More
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Categories: Domestic Violence
finances in marriage

Why It’s Important to Understand Your Finances in Marriage

You trust your spouse — why wouldn’t you? But blindly allowing one party to make all the family’s financial decisions can create opportunity for dishonesty, debt, and ultimately divorce. Find out what you need to know about finances in marr… Read More
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Categories: Family Law
human trafficking

Protecting California Human Trafficking Victims

For victims of human trafficking, getting help can be a matter of life and death. They need the help from an attorney who knows how to protect California human trafficking victims and get them access to the resources that can help them escape the fea… Read More
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Categories: Victim Advocacy
Announcing TÜLIN D. AÇI…

Announcing TÜLIN D. AÇIKALIN and Paula Vielman-Reeves as 2021 Super Lawyers!

ADZ Law is proud to announce that partner Tülin D. Açikalin has been selected for the second consecutive year as a Super Lawyer and Paula Vielman-Reeves has been selected as a 2021 Rising Star Super Lawyer. Super Lawyers is a rating service of outs… Read More
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Cohabitation Agreements in California

More couples are choosing to live together without getting married than ever before. There are many reasons you may want to skip the marriage ceremony, but that can lead to a messy breakup if the relationship ends. If you and your partner are choosin… Read More
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Categories: Family Law
Aylin Açıkalın is now…

Aylin Açıkalın is now licensed as an attorney by the California State Bar Association

ADZ Law is proud to announce that Aylin Açıkalın is now licensed as an attorney by the California State Bar Association. Aylin has been a paralegal with ADZ Law for three years, during which she has been exemplary in her legal support and advocacy… Read More
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Categories: Family Law
how to deal with a narcissist

How to Deal with a Narcissist in Court Proceedings

A key part of any family court proceeding is helping the judge understand your day-to-day life. When that life has included dealing with a narcissist, it can be especially difficult to get beyond their put-together outward appearance and help the jud… Read More
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Categories: Family Law

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