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No-Fault Divorce in California: Does Fault Play a Role in Domestic Violence Cases?

You may have heard that California has “no-fault divorce.” As a survivor of domestic violence, you may wonder if your spouse’s conduct will play any role in the court’s award of spousal support, child custody, or division of property. The goo… Read More
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How COVID-19 Has Affected Child Abuse

As winter sets in and COVID-19 continues to spread, shut-downs and stay at home orders drag on. The added stress, isolation, and remote learning that comes with trying to keep everyone safe from the disease could be creating a different danger: incre… Read More
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Victim Restitution in Criminal Cases

If you have been the victim of a crime, you are entitled to be compensated for your loss through restitution in the criminal case against the person who wronged you. However, getting and enforcing victim restitution orders that will cover all your co… Read More
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Categories: Victim Advocacy
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Parent Coordinators and Co-Parent Counselors: How They Help in High-Conflict Custody Disputes

If you have just entered the final order in a high-conflict custody dispute, the thought of spending the next several years in constant contact with your ex-spouse or partner may make you cringe. Find out how parent coordinators and co-parent counsel… Read More
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Jessica Dayton featured in BRAIV Series, Survivor Advocacy: Alternative Paths to Justice

Berkeley Resistance Against Inter-Partner Violence (BRAIV) Series for Domestic Violence Awareness Month will be presenting on October 28th via Zoom, Survivor Advocacy: Alternative Paths to Justice. Partner at ADZ Law LLP, Jessica Dayton, will be feat… Read More
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Massage Envy: Sexual Assault by a Massage Therapist

A massage is supposed to be a relaxing and therapeutic experience. But across the country, and here in San Mateo, California, massage therapists employed by the franchise Massage Envy have been accused of taking advantage of their clients, committing… Read More
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New CA Law Codifies what Victims and Experts Know: Coercive Control is Domestic Violence

On September 29, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill clarifying that conduct used to establish “coercive control” constitutes abuse under CA’s Domestic Violence Prevention Act. This is a welcome recognition of a long-establishe… Read More
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Justice on Hold for Jeffrey Epstein Victims in Ghislaine Maxwell Trials

More than a year after Jeffery Epstein’s death, his victims are still waiting for a resolution. Criminal charges and a civil lawsuit are pending against Ghislaine Maxwell for her part in recruiting and grooming Jeffrey Epstein’s victims. But now… Read More
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ADZ Law, LLP celebrates five years of achieving justice for our clients! We are proud our attorneys include Certified Legal Specialists, SuperLawyers, and leaders in the field. We look forward to many more years of success. Read More
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"Coercive Confusion: The Nexus of Domestic Violence & Custody in the Time of COVID-19" by Mallika Kaur and Kelly Behre

Mallika Kaur, Attorney at ADZ Law, LLP and Law Lecturer at UC Berkeley School of Law partnered with Kelly Behre, Director of the Family Protection and Legal Assistance at the UC Davis School of Law to co-author an article entitled “Coercive Confusi… Read More
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